Word Study Activities

A. General
  1. Between the Lions Games Interactive!
  2. Build a Word Search @ ed.Helper.com
  3. Game Goo Interactive!
  4. Grammar for Kids Interactive!
  5. The Little Animals Activity Centre Word Games Interactive!
  6. Little Explorers Pictionary Dictionary
  7. Little Explorers Pictionary Dictionary
    Organized by the Sound at the Beginning of the Word
  8. OneLook Dictionary Find words or patterns.
  9. Puzzlemaker.com Create a word search, crossword puzzle and more.
  10. Skillswise Words: Spelling Interactive!
  11. Spelling City Interactive!
  12. Starfall Learn to ReadAnimated and Interactive!
  13. Word Builder Interactive! Spelling Practice from Harcourt
  14. Word Central's Student Dictionary
  15. Writing Sentences Interactive! Write your word study sentences here a nd print.
B. Alphabet and Alphabetical Order
  1. ABC with Audio and Animation! from Kizclub
  2. Alphabetical Order 1 Interactive!
  3. Alphabetical Order 2 Interactive!
  4. Julia's Rainbow Animated! ABCs
  5. Stanley's Alphabet Adventure Interactive!
C. Homophones
  1. Go for Grammar Gold: Homophones Interactive!
  2. Homophones Interactive! from Grammar for Kids
  3. Skillswise: Homophones Interactive!
D. Rhyming
  1. Animal Muddle! with Audio!
  2. The Cream Cake Mystery Interactive!
  3. Gus and Inky's Underwater Adventure Interactive!
  4. Reggie Loves to Rhyme! Interactive!
  5. River Rhyming! Interactive!
E. Vocabulary
  1. Alien Hangman Interactive! Grades 3-5
  2. Around Your Home Vocabulary Interactive!
  3. Compound Words Interactive!
  4. Furious Frog Interactive! Antonyms, Synonyms, Homonyms
  5. Plank Walk Interactive! Grades K-2
  6. Vocabulary Workshop Interactive! from Sandlier-Oxford
  7. Word Frog Interactive! Antonyms, Synonyms, Homonyms
  8. Word Invasion Interactive! Parts of Speech
E. Other Phonics
  1. Clifford's Sound Match Interactive! Beginning Sounds
  2. Clifford's Make a Word Interactive! Vowels
  3. CVC Maker Interactive! Word Families
  4. i before e rule
  5. Maggie's Earth Adventures Interactive! Prefixes, Suffixes, Homophones
  6. Phonics and Word Study Interactive! from Sadlier Oxford
  7. Roy the Zebra Interactive!
  8. Sound and Letter Time Interactive! from Scholastic
  9. Word Build and Bank Interactive!
  10. Words and Pictures Interactive! from the BBC...
    preview for British spelling differences.

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