A. Food Webs
  1. Chain Reaction Interactive!
  2. The Food Chain Game Interactive!
  3. Create a Food Web Interactive!
  4. Food Webs Interactive!
  5. Fun With Food Webs Interactive!
  6. Habitats and Food Chains Interactive! w/ Audio
  7. Interdependence and Adaptation Interactive! w/ Audio
B. Frogs
  1. Frederick's Matching Fun Interactive!
  2. Frederick's Crossword Interactive!
  3. Frog Calls w/ video and audio!
  4. Frogs Storybook w/ Audio!
  5. Frogs and Toads at Enchanted Learning
  6. Frogs for Kids w/ audio! Hear frog sounds!
  7. Net Frog Interactive Frog Dissection!
  8. Life Cycles Interactive Whiteboard Activity! Click on Activity 2
  9. Something Froggy Factual Story, animated, frog sounds, diagrams, quiz, crossword, more!
  10. Something Froggy Interactive! Lifecycle of a frog diagram
C. Insects and other Invertebrates
  1. An Insect's Perspective Web Quest
  2. The Adventures of Herman (the Worm)
  3. All About Butterflies at Enchanted Learning
  4. All About Ourselves Interactive with Audio!
  5. Bug Guide
  6. Butterfly Build a Story Interactive!
  7. Butterfly e-Word Game Interactive!
  8. InsectWeb A Web Quest for Kindergarten Students
  9. Insects and Spiders Gallery
  10. Journey North for Kids
  11. Life Cycles: The Monarch Butterfly
  12. The Microbe Zoo
  13. Pest World for Kids
D. Zoo and Animal List Links
  1. Animals at Enchanted Learning
  2. Animals at National Geographic
  3. Animals at National Geographic Kids
  4. Arctic Wildlife
  5. Arkive Search here first for images and video of endangered species. Awesome and no ads!
  6. Columbus Zoo's Animal Gallery
  7. Kids' Planet Endangered Species Fact Sheets
  8. Montery Bay Aquarium Splash Zone Interactive! and info
  9. National Zoo's Animals
  10. The Oregon Zoo
  11. Philadelphia Zoo's Animals
  12. San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes Check out Kid Territory, too.
  13. Sea World's Animal Bytes
  14. Wildlife Library
  15. Woodland Park Zoo
E. Other Informational Links
  1. Animal Communities
  2. Arkive Teacher Presentation Links
  3. Classification of Living Organisms
  4. Critter Corner
  5. Eagle Cam
  6. Kratts' Creatures
  7. National Wildlife Federation
  8. Polar Bear
  9. Rodent Skeleton Use With Owl Pellet Lab
  10. Spectrum of Life
  11. Virginia Herpetological Society
F. Other Interactive Links
  1. Adult and Baby Animals Interactive!
  2. Adult and Baby Animals Quiz Interactive!
  3. Animal Adaptations Interactive!
  4. Animal Needs Interactive!
  5. Animal Park Interactive! for ages 5-7
  6. Animals, Adaptation and the Galapagos Islands Interactive!
  7. Barnyard Match-Up Interactive!
  8. Build-a-Fish Interactive!
  9. Classifying Critters Interactive!
  10. Comouflage Field Book Interactive!
  11. DynaMo's Lab Interactive! Animal Classification
  12. Grouping Animals and Plants Interactive!
  13. The Hide and Seek Sea Interactive! Camouflage
  14. Humans and Animals Interactive! from Active Science 5+
  15. Kid Wings Some Interactive!
  16. Life Cycles Interactive Whiteboard Activity!
  17. Life Preservers Game Interactive! Short version. Adaptations
  18. Life Preservers Game Interactive! Full version. Adaptations
  19. Little Monsters Interactive! Match young with adult.
  20. Online Farm Interactive!
  21. Ourselves Interactive! w/ Audio
  22. Plants and Animals In the Local Environment Interactive! w/Audio
  23. Roar! Interactive!
  24. Pond-er This Interactive! Simulation
  25. RWS Expedition Interactive!
  26. Sea Monsters Interactive!
  27. Switcheroo Zoo Interactive!
  28. Tiger Adventure Games Interactive!
  29. Variation Interactive! w/ Audio
  30. Vertebrates vs Invertebrates Classification Interactive!
  31. Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection Interactive!
  32. Virtual Zoo @ Zoobooks Interactive!
  33. Wolf Quest Free download for an interactive simulation game
  34. The Zoo Interactive! Smartboard for K

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