A. Generanl Informational Sites
  1. Biology of Plants
  2. Classification of Plants and Animals
  3. The Life Cycle of Plants Animated!
  4. New Plants from FOSS Web
  5. Non-vascular Plants
  6. Plant Groups
  7. Plants at Enchanted Learning
  8. Vascular Plants Animated!
  9. 4H Virtual Forest Animated!
  10. Wonderful World of Plants Animated!
  11. Woodlands Animated!
B. Interactive Sites
  1. Build a Tree Game Interactive!
  2. Crazy Plant Shop Game Interactive!
  3. Factors Affecting Plants Interactive Whiteboard Activity!!
  4. The Great Plant Escape Interactive!
  5. Growing Plants Interactive!
  6. Growing Plants Interactive! with Audio!
  7. Helping Plants Grow Well Interactive! with Audio
  8. Illuminating Photosynthesis Animated and Interactive!
  9. The Life Cycle of a Plant Interactive! Dissect and label the parts of a flower.
  10. Parts of a Plant Interactive! Labeling
  11. Parts of a Plant Interactive! Reading Comprehension Passage
  12. Parts of Plants Interactive Whiteboard Activity!
  13. Parts of Plants Interactive! Labeling
  14. Plant Life Cycles Interactive!
  15. Plant Parts Millionaire Interactive!
  16. Plant Reproduction Interactive Whiteboard Activity!
  17. Plants in Motion Animated! Flowers blooming, root growth, and more.
  18. Plants Need Light and Water To Grow Made for the Interactive White Board!
  19. Plant-Parts Salad Interactive!
  20. Plants and Animals in the Local Environment Interactive! w/ Audio!
  21. The Secret Life of Trees Interactive! w/ Audio!
  22. Structure of a Flower Interactive! Labeling
  23. Trees Are Terrific Interactive! w/ Audio!
  24. Vascular vs. Nonvascular Plants Interactive quiz from Quia
  25. What Plants Need Game Interactive!
  26. A Walk in the Woods Interactive! w/ Audio!

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